6 Hot Design Trends to Watch in 2018


Last year's hot design trends are this year's renovation no-nos. What's trending in kitchen and bath renovations? All-white bathrooms and subway tiles are out, color and character are in. Read on for six more design trends for 2018.

Countertops -- Quartz is the new granite. And why not? Quartz is cheaper, less porous and more durable than granite. Quartz also gives a cleaner, less busy look to your counters.

Fixtures -- Although stainless is still timeless, designers are choosing brass to add character and color to kitchens and bathrooms. Brass is constantly moving between trendy and outdated, but for now, it's back.

Colors -- For bathrooms, blue is the warmest color. Seen as timeless and soothing, adding a dark navy or serene cerulean feature to a bathroom is a big trend in 2018. Blue tiles, blue walls, blue accents -- they're all in.

Tile -- Subway tiles are classic but overdone. What's hot? Anything to add a little color, texture or pattern to your bathroom or kitchen. Think hexagonal, zellige or even terracotta tiles to give your space some character.

Sinks -- Stone is the hot trend in sinks. Any natural stone, from marble to quartz, adds a clean, sophisticated look to your kitchen. Although porcelain is cheaper, a hand-carved stone sink screams style.

Cabinets -- Just as all-white bathrooms are on the outs, all-white kitchens have seen their day. One way to add interest and color to your kitchen is two-toned cabinets. How? Different materials, colors or stains -- anything to add contrast is the bold new way of renovating your kitchen.